Appetizers Galore!

Every Catered Event is a creation of Unique Flavors and Dishes. Our Catering Menu has many Entrées, Side Dishes, Appetizers and Desserts to select from, yet Catering by Grace understands and accommodates the special flare that your Event may have for Cuisine equally as Special.
So, just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll see what we can do, just for you!

Beef Appetizers

  Beef & Cheese Filled Spring Rolls
  Empanadas (Beef, Chicken, Cheese)
  Taquitos (Beef, Chicken, Cheese)
  Swedish Meatballs
  Deep Fried Steak Bites
  Bar-Ba-Qoa Filled on a Mini Corn Tortilla,Topped with Guacamole
  Beef and or Cheese Filled Pastry Cups
  Teriyaki Beef Skewers

Seafood Appetizers

  Shrimp Ceviche Cocktail
  Shrimp Tempura, Purses & Wraps
  Spicy, BBQ, or Seasoned Shrimp Kabobs
  Coconut Shrimp ($1.00 more PP)
  Crab Salad Topped Crostini
  Crab Cakes ($1.00 more PP)
  Crab Stuffed Shells
  Crab Filled Pastry Puffs

Pork Appetizers

  Bacon Wrapped Smokies
  Bacon Wrapped Pork Bites
  Sausage Purses
  Pork Dumplings
  Ham/Cream Cheese Cucumber Roll
  Sausage and Spinach Pastry Swirls
  Pork Pot Stickers
  Carnitas Filled on a Mini Corn Tortilla, Topped with Guacamole

Poultry Appetizers

  Rosemary Drumettes
  BBQ Chicken Skewers
  Spicy Chicken Drumettes
  Creamy Chicken Stuffed English Cucumbers

Cheese Appetizers

  Cheese Tortellini in a Three Cheese Sauce
  Cheese filled Ravioli in Pesto
  Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  Yellow Cheese Rolls
  Cheese Turnovers

Vegetables Appetizers

  Deep Fried Stuffed Mushrooms with Hot Italian Sausage and Cream Cheese (With or Without Meat)
  Vegetable Tray
  Seasoned Vegetable Samosas
  Deep Fried Zucchini

Fresh & Seasonal Fruit

  Assorted Berries


  Tortilla Chips
  Salsas: Verde, Mango, Yellow/Red Pepper & Pico De Gallo
  Marinated Jalapenos and Carrots
  Guacamole ($.75 more PP)
  Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Salad Dressings

  Ranch Dressing
  Blue Cheese Dressing
  Thousand Island Dressing
  Three Bean Salad Dressing
  Waldorf Dressing