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Catering by Grace is a Family Owned and Operated Professional Catering Service. We love what we do and we love seeing the smiles on everyone’s face which makes our Wedding Catering Services worth every minute. Our Corporate and Political Event Clients receive our Catered Services on a Silver Platter!  We have three Generations of Caterers who delight in creating the Delicious Culinary Main Dishes we serve including the Unique Flavors from International and Regional Cuisine, to Traditional American Dishes and Authentic Mexican Entrées from Generational Family Recipes!

Our Catering Menu has a variety of Main Entrées, Vegetarian Cuisine, Side Dishes, Appetizers and Desserts to select from, yet Catering by Grace understands and accommodates the special flare that your Special Occasion or Formal Event may have; and we will ensure your Cuisine is equally as Unique and Special.  Enjoy our after dinner Decadent Desserts which literally put the “Icing on the Cake!” You should have some, they are amazing! Then, getting your Good Morning Started Sunny Side Up! Breakfast & Brunch is of course Best Before Lunch!

If you don’t love what you do, you are not going to be doing it very long. Catering by Grace has been serving Senators, Wedding Parties, Receptions, Corporations, Fundraisers, Political Events, Memorials, Families and Friends for over 45 Years; and Yes, We Love It!

Catering by Grace provides Catering Services throughout the Greater Sacramento Area and most of Northern California; essentially from Auburn to San Jose & Alameda to Lake Tahoe, CA.  If you have questions, want more information or you are ready to move forward with Scheduling our Catering Services, just give us a call at (916) 249-3663 or you can of course email us at Grace@CateringByGrace.com if that is easier for you and we will get the answers to your questions right back to you.  We look forward to Serving You and Your Guests! 

Corporate Meetings & Holiday Festivals

Catering by Grace is available for All Your Business Gatherings!



Every Occasion is Special when people come together for a Good Cause.
Especially, when the cause is to also ENJOY FANTASTIC FOOD!

Private Parties & Political Fund Raisers

Delicious & Conversational for Private Parties & Fundraising Political Events!



Every occasion is special when people come together for a cause.
Especially, when the cause is to ENJOY FANTASTIC FOOD!

Special Entrees for Your Wedding Day

Catering by Grace creates Your Perfect 1st “as a Couple” Cuisine!

Signature Guest Plates

Signature Guest Plates are a Time-Honored Tradition for Professional Catering Services to have the Guest of Honor Sign a Decorative Plate as a gesture of appreciation to Thank the Events Meal Provider.  As you will see, Catering by Grace has provided Meals for Senators, Governors, Celebrities and Business Associations throughout Years of Catering Service.

45+ Years of Catering by Grace is Amazing!

Our Clients have been Coming Back for Seconds, for a Long Time!

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